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PuneRé Drawing Competition

Water holds a great deal and is of utmost importance in our lives. The existence of living creatures will cease to exist without Water. It should be our moral responsibility to conserve this priceless wealth.
By looking at the current state of water and the wastage that follows, it is high time to raise awareness about water and the River, which is the main source of water.

Through the 'PuneRé' initiative, the Pune Municipal Corporation is boosting public awareness by hosting a list of activities regarding water and the Mula-Mutha river on which the existence of our Pune City depends. Amongst those events, the Pune Municipal Corporation has organized a drawing competition called 'PuneRé Drawing Competition' for students.

Competition Format:

For this particular competition, the participants will be segregated into three groups, based on their age - 1st to 4th, 5th to 7th, 8th to 10th. Each group winner is entitled to win individual prizes. The groups will be provided with a set topic & in order to win the competition the participants will have to incorporate the topic in their drawings.

Contest Topics based on the groups:

Group 1 - 1st to 4th

Theme: My House By the River

  • Draw and colour a picture of the riverbank home of your dreams.

Group 2 – 5th to 7th

Theme: Life-Giving River

  • Draw a picture showing riverside life.

Group 3 – 8th to 10th

Theme: Mula-Mutha Of My Dreams

  • Draw a picture of how you want river Mula-Mutha  in Pune city to look in the future.

Note: Students should register for the 'PuneRé' drawing competition by clicking on the Apply Now Tab and uploading their drawings, after which the concerned student will receive the participation certificate in digital form on their registered mobile number.

Information required while submitting the entry for the competition:

Student Name:

School Name:



Roll No:

Father's/Mother's Name:

Mobile Number:

E-Mail ID:

Picture Uploaded Online: Yes/No:

Separate Prizes for Each Group:

Pune Municipal Corporation Schools

First Prize: Rs.5000 (along with Memento & Certificate)

Second Prize: Rs.3000 (along with Memento & Certificate)

Third Prize: Rs.2000 (along with Memento & Certificate)

Schools other than Pune Municipal Corporation

First Prize: Rs.5000 (along with Memento & Certificate)

Second Prize: Rs.3000 (along with Memento & Certificate)

Third Prize: Rs.2000 (along with Memento & Certificate)

Rs. 5000
Rs. 3000
Rs. 2000
Certificate of Participation
  • This competition is limited to students from schools within Pune Municipal Corporation limits.
  • Students should use A3 size drawing paper for drawing.
  • The students should clearly understand from their class teachers the theme allotted for each group for the participants to draw.
  • Students can work on their drawings at home or school.
  • The drawing should incorporate the given theme.
  • Drawings submitted within the given timeline i.e 1st February till 5th February 2023 will be considered for the competition.
  • After completing the drawing, students must upload it on this website.
  • Students can also click on the link received by them or their parents on their WhatsApp group to upload the drawing online.
  • After submitting the drawing online, students should submit the same to their class teachers as well.
  • After successfully uploading the drawing online, students will receive an SMS with a link to download the certificate.
  • Contest winners will be notified personally via SMS.
  • Any entry with inappropriate or offensive pictures leading to a violation of human rights or the environment will get rejected.
  • Disclaimer: The drawings should not harm anyone's religious, cultural and moral traditions and customs.
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