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Pune has been nurtured by the Mula-Mutha River like a Mother, by providing water and life. PMC has undertaken Mula-Mutha River Rejuvenation project. The success of this initiative is possible only if all Citizens come together with PMC and fulfill their duty to our beloved city Pune and be called a "PuneRé - Helping Pune Re-pair, Re-novate & Re-juvenate". Please spare 2 minutes to take a pledge for contributing to this initiative.

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With a crystal clear vision to preserve the necessity, saving water is an understatement and a tad bit obvious. In the 21st century, every bit of the surroundings is digitalized or programmed. Along with usual texting, there rose an exciting urge to use emojis wherever possible. With an array of emojis present, the most essential one still lacks structure. Minimal water-based emoji designs on the Unicode keyboard clearly point to the fact that some things need to change. In order to create awareness regarding saving water, we’ve come up with a fascinating contest- The Emoji Contest. This exciting combination of new-age digital media and the immense need to save water should enthral each human to participate and show their contribution towards this campaign of ‘Saving Water’ using the new-age media. So, now you can participate and win exciting prizes.