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A substantial area of Earth is covered with Water, but the amount we get to use is limited. Save water is a phrase so commonly used but not many understand the importance. Water conservation is essentially the next big step every one of us should take in order to help the next generation survive. Yes, water is an essential; a necessity without which life will cease to exist.

''PuneRé'' is a platform that enables the citizens to come together and raise awareness on an important issue like Water Conservation. But how, you may ask? An innovative way that Team PuneRé believes the residents of Pune can unite to show their support is competition. We present to you, PuneRé Reel- a reel-making competition for the residents of Pune to show their creativity on a given theme while amplifying the cause ‘Conserve Water’.

1) Move to the Beat (Dance)

Concept: Create a dance reel which shows awareness regarding water or a reel on any of your favourite Bollywood songs which are related to water.

2) Dialogue Play

Concept: Choose any of your favourite dialogues from any Movie/TV show; might be Hindi, Marathi or English and twist it into a dialogue raising awareness on Water Conservation. You can also show your own creativity.

3) Poetry

Concept: Write short poems on Water Conservation and turn them into a reel in which you can perform your poetry.

4) Prank Stars

Concept: Create a reel by recording the prank you've pulled. Be as creative as you want but ensure you are still incorporating the essence of water conservation as it should be highlighted.

Participate now ⇒ www.punere.in


Round 1 

  • Participants will be notified their entries are confirmed only after they have registered through the website punere.in. 
  • When sending a reel for a competition, it should not be less than 15 seconds and not more than 90 seconds. 
  • While submitting the reel for the competition, its size must be within 30 MB and the reel must be in MP4 video format. 
  • While sending the reel for the competition it should be in 'Reels Video Ratio (Aspect Ratio 9:16)'. 
  • It is also mandatory to upload the reel on the website punere.in for the competition. While sending the reel to the website punere.in for the competition, ensure that it (reel) has audio.
  • Each contestant must follow and like the @PMCPuneRé social media page. 
  • Participants should upload the reel on their own social media handles, and tag PMCPuneRé.  Also the social media link of the relevant reel should be included while uploading the reel on the website punere.in for the competition.
  • Contestants participating in the competition must keep their social media account publicly visible so that the reel they upload on their social media handle can be seen by all.
  • The closing date for participation in the competition will be Tuesday, 2 May 2023. 

Round 2 

  • Reels uploaded by contestants will be shortlisted by judges on the basis of originality, concept (theme) and creativity after 2 May 2023 till 9 May 2023. 
  • Out of the total number of contestants registered for the competition, the ten contestants who submitted the best reel will be selected by the reel judges for the final round. 
  • After the first round, the selected top 10 reels will be published on the following social media pages. 

                            a) pmcpunere FB page 

                            b) pmcpunere Insta page 

  • Participants will be notified 2 days prior to posting their submitted reel on pmcpunere social media page.
  • Each shortlisted participant will be given three days from 10th May to 16th May 2023 during this duration to get maximum likes on their submitted reel.  
  • Entrants must get the maximum number of likes on their reels uploaded on PMC PuneRé social media pages to increase their chances of winning this contest.There will be a 40 per cent weightage for this.
  • Of the remaining 60 per cent, 50 per cent will be judged on overall impact, artistic quality and other technical aspects, while 10 per cent will be on whether all procedures have been properly followed while participating in the competition.
  • In case of any issues, the decision of the judges will be final.
  • The contest winner will be announced on 23 May 2023.

To participate: www.punere.in 

Runners Up
Certificate of Participation
  • The competition is open to all age groups. 
  • Only online submissions sent through the website www.punere.in will be considered for the final round. 
  •  Only one reel can be uploaded per contestant, and each contestant is allowed one entry. 
  •  The reel should be self-made. It should not contain any logos, copyright marks, identification marks or any other visible reference or symbol. 
  •  Reel editing including color correction, and the use of filters is acceptable, but take care that any such editing does not affect the authenticity or realism of the reel. 
  •  The reel should be based on the theme “Water Conservation”. 
  • Organizers reserve the right to decide to disqualify the reel if it shows water wastage.
  • The organizers reserve the right to evaluate and disqualify any reel submitted for competition.
  •  Reels depicting or otherwise containing questionable or objectionable material including any content deemed to be provocative, violent, violating human rights or causing environmental breaches, as well as those which violate the law, religious, cultural and ethical traditions and customs of India, will be removed immediately.
  • Reel size should not exceed 30 MB.
  • The reel should be based on the given theme.
  • The contest requires the submission of a self-made reel, which has not been previously published on any platform. Also unreleased on all types of visual media (advertisements, stock reels, social media, etc.). 
  • Team PuneRé reserves the right to change the Contest Terms, at any time during the Contest. 
  • After a contestant submits a reel for the contest, that reel can be used by Team PuneRé for promotional purposes
  • All contestants are bound to abide by the contest rules and conditions.

Registration process: a) Interested participants should fill the registration form on the given website. b) Upload the reel on the website www.punere.in in the reel section on the website. c)Upload the video on your own social media channel and tag __@ pmcpunere

Yes. The participation would be considered valid only after the reel is uploaded on Punere.com and personal social media platform and tagging the puneRe social media handles.

There is no such age limit for participants. It is open to all.

There is no such charge applicable, you can participate free of cost.

No, it’s a reel’s competition; hence only reels are preferred in the ratio 9:16.

Results will be announced on official social media handles of PuneRe Page and the winners will be contacted personally. So stay tuned.

You can enter the contest regardless of nationality, age, gender, or professional/amateur status.

You may use any videography or filming equipment. You can also film using your mobile phones.

You must submit original videos that are not presented on any platform and are unreleased on all forms of visual media (including advertisements, stock photos, Social media, etc.) and in which you own all copyrights.

Basic editing, including colour enhancement, the use of filters, and cropping of the video.

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